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About Us

Embryolisse Laboratories – over 60 years of expertise in dermo-cosmetics

The Embryolisse story begins in 1950, when a Paris hospital dermatologist specializing in skin diseases creates the legendary Milk-Cream Concentrate, sold millions worldwide.

Always guided by the same philosophy and the same essential requirements of safety and effectiveness, Embryolisse Laboratoires develop over the years a real expertise in dermo-cosmetics, they developed a whole range of care to meet all needs of the face and body to keep skin healthy and beautiful.

Transmitted from mother to daughter, dermatologist-recommended, adopted by many hardcore and even “beauty secrets” of many makeup artists, these treatments have in common a performance visible on the skin, safely.

Embryolisse is a registered Skin Care, genuine and effective for women who want to entrust their skin to a recognized expert in health and beauty.

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Creation of Milk-Cream Concentrate, “basic” emulsion for skin: hydration, nutrition and protection.


The medical world recommends the product for its simplicity and effectiveness.


Resumption of the Laboratory by a new team from the pharmaceutical industry.


Accelerating product development leader and launched a full range of hygiene products and services.


Overseas development and strengthening of the position “simplicity, efficiency, safety.”


Embryolisse celebrates the success of the milk-cream concentrate with over 10 million sold tubes and launches a limited edition “vintage”.


Embryolisse is a facelift and reorganizes its catalog by introducing colors range.


On the occasion of his 65th birthday, Milk-Cream Concentrate fate Limited Edition Gold.

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